Top Angle Take-Up Frames

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TAF – The Top Angle is a traditional style take-up frame. The bolted top angle protects the threaded rod and allows for relatively simple bearing removal and replacement. Available with an optional channel or round bar bottom piece to accommodate SKF and Linkbelt or Dodge bearings respectively.Take-Up Frames are utilized on conveyor systems to prevent belt slippage by allowing the operator adjustability in keeping proper belt tension on the drive pulley. PCI manufactures several styles of Take-Up Frames offering different levels of adjustability, maintenance and mounting configuration. For side mount styles such as Wide Slot and Narrow Slot,  take-up frame eliminates the need for additional take-up supports and enables load distribution. Take-up frames utilize common styles of bearings with different styles that meet the needs of specific applications. Bolted top angle take-up frames protect the threaded rod while allowing for simple bearing removal and replacement. Center pull take-up frames establish even tensioning by placing the threaded rod in the center of the frame and bearing. Top-mount take-up frames use an adjustable saddle design to accommodate pillow block bearings while heavy duty top-mount take-up frames handle severe applications. Wide-slot side mount take-up frames work for tight spaces such as conveyor frames.

TIMKEN 15100 bearing

12 mm 31 mm
22.7 mm 11 mm

TIMKEN 590498 bearing

8.44 Hz 7.87 Hz
65 mm 0.44 Hz

TIMKEN 07100 bearing

100 °C 18.2 mm
57 mm 3.97 mm

29 mm x 53 mm x 37 mm TIMKEN 516007 bearing

7.27 Hz 52 mm
80 mm NTN

Timken TU5 Top Angle Take-Up Frames

19 mm M6x1
23.2 kN 16.8 Nm

Dodge TPHU160 X 36-TUFR Top Angle Take-Up Frames

8 mm 17 mm
Balls - Two Rows 5 mm

Dodge TPHU150 X 12-TUFR Top Angle Take-Up Frames

MBPPS200 Contact/Lip
Round 860 lbf

Dodge TPHU150 X 36-TUFR Top Angle Take-Up Frames

6700 RPM C0
DIN 630 27 mm

Dodge TPHU140 X 30-TUFR Top Angle Take-Up Frames

4500 fpm 2.6870 in
0.25 lb 1.9375 in

Dodge TPHU110 X 24-TUFR Top Angle Take-Up Frames

1-7/16 in Sintered Bronze Oil-
9001:2008 & 848330

Dodge TP60 X 48-TUFR Top Angle Take-Up Frames

Standard Duty Set Screw
2.5000 in 9000 lbf

Dodge TP-40X18-TUFR-SSS Top Angle Take-Up Frames

Spherical Roller Bea Top Angle
3.4375 in